Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Birthday in Oslo, part four

That afternoon we went on a two-hour Fjord Sightseeing tour.  This is the classic Oslo boat tour passing the Fortress, the Opera House and many idyllic islands with their colourful, little summer houses.

For our last supper in Oslo we dined at the 'tried and tested' TGI Friday's again.  This time we went to the one at Aker Brygge and had the Best Ever Jack Daniel's Glazed Ribs for A and a classic 'no-frills' Friday's Burger for me. Food (and also life in general) is not cheap in Oslo, and lunching and dining out everyday, especially if staying for a longer period, can turn out to be quite expensive.  So watch out, or you might get over your budget after just one day into your holiday!  

What impressed us most in Oslo was the evenings.  The light in the evenings actually.  We are not used to walking around at half ten at night with the sun still shining above the horizon.  I'm a night owl and though I enjoyed staying out late without realising how late it got,  it's something I wouldn't be able to stand over time.  I like my nights the way they are...dark and black.  And, I love the moon.  But that's me, I always prefer the moon over the sun. A, on the other hand, said he would happily come and live in Norway, solely for the fact that the days are longer!

I was so impressed, that on our last night, I actually woke up on purpose to look out of the window, hoping to get a glimpse of the dark sky.  To my amazement, at quarter to three in the morning, it was already dawn!  My next Oslo trip definitely has to be in Winter!

On our next and last morning in Oslo, after breakfast, we stopped for a quick visit at the the Oslo Cathedral, which was first consecrated in 1697.  It has been recently renovated and opened again in 2010.  Oslo Cathedral is Oslo's parish church and the main church for Oslo bishopric of the Church of Norway.  The Norwegian Royal Family, as well as the Norwegian Government, use the cathedral for public events.

We then had some time left to kill so we window-shopped at the Oslo City Shopping Centre, which is directly connected to the main train and bus station, before boarding the bus to Rygge Airport for our flight back to Malta.


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