Friday, 25 July 2014

Postcards from Turin [part 1]

Sending a few postcards from the city of Turin.  Turin is Italy's industrial capital and the heart of Italy's FIAT automobile industry.  Here, chocolate lovers will be in heaven, as one can find chocolate everywhere in Turin, from markets to chocolatiers with many varied chocolate specialities, since this city is renowned for chocolate production.  Italy's principal river, the Po, runs right through it, and a late afternoon stroll along its bank is simply breathtaking.  On a clear day, you can even see the snow-capped Alpine peaks in the near distance.

A and I stayed at the Mercure Torino Crystal Palace which is next to the Porta Nuova train station and just a few minutes away from the city centre.  The hotel is very hospitable, offers a hearty, buffet breakfast (breakfast is usually the reason why I choose to stay at one particular hotel and not another. Yes, I love my tummy!) and is very clean and comfortable.  To fulfill our appetites we visited La Reginella on Via dell'Arsenale and Il Tabisca on Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

We spent most of our time walking around and enjoying this bustling city.  The weather was awesome, mainly clear and warm with just a drizzle every now and then, which, honestly, I am always looking forward to at this time of year!

Our higlight of the trip was, of course, the football match between Juventus and Milan at Juventus Stadium.  And also, quite surprisingly, meeting Arturo Vidal at One Apple, whilst having a cocktail just before boarding the train to Bologna, for our flight back home.

Postcards from Turin [part 2]

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