Monday, 14 July 2014

1814 - 2014 [a drama pageant] part I


Qormi freed from the plague: in remembrance of two hundred years ago

Two hundred years of history to remind us of the beginning of St. Sebastian’s cult by villagers in Qormi after having been spared from the plague.

On the occasion of St. Sebastian’s feast, as part of this year’s feast activities, the St. Sebastian Drama Pageant Group, Qormi, chose to remember this particular time, in 1813, when the plague hit many Maltese towns and cities.

Qormi was one of the towns most affected by this scourge.  In fact it was one of the last villages to have been declared free from the plague in the year 1814. It all started in March 1813, in Salvatore Borg’s family, a shoe maker from Valletta.   Soon after, deaths related to the plague in Malta totalled to about 4,486 persons.

Many families lost their loved ones and it was their faith and perseverance that gave them hope as they awaited the day to return to normal life.

This is part one of the story of devotion to St. Sebastian as one of the protectors against the plague, which was held on Monday 7th July 2014 on the church parvis of St. Sebastian, Qormi.

author and director - Sebastian Aquilina

production and presentation - St. Sebastian Drama Pageant Group, Qormi

1814 - 2014 [a drama pageant] part 2

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