Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Birthday in Oslo, part three

Today after we stuffed ourselves with the buffet  breakfast at the hotel, we visited Akershus Castle and Fortress.  Dating from 1299 it's a medieval castle and royal residence, developed into a fortress in 1592, after which King Christian IV had it modernised and converted into a renaissance castle in 1637.

Later we decided to walk to the Munch Museum, passing by the Opera House.  Thirty minutes later though, seeing that we had still more than half the way to walk, we quickly changed our minds and took the lazy way out - a taxi to take us to the far left side of the city.

Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is best known for his iconic painting The Scream (1893) - one of the most recognizable works in the history of art.  His work often included the symbolic portrayal of themes such as sickness, misery and death.

You're not allowed to take photos of the famous painting so instead, I hereby present my portrayal of The Scream!

We headed back to the city centre by metro and stopped for a cold beer on our way to the Royal Palace.

The royal residence is at the top of the hill of Karl Johans gate.  The Palace Park contains small lakes and is open to the public.  It's a very popular recreation area especially in summer, with many sunbathers lapping up the rays in just bikinis and swimming trunks.


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