Friday, 8 August 2014

Dublin in Photos - five

We continued our train journey further north of Dublin and stopped at Drogheda.  Maybe some of you can recall the name in the novel/mini series The Thorn Birds.  It is thought that this fictional sheep station in the Australian outback is named Drogheda after this Irish town.  Well I have loved this fictional saga since I was a little girl (even though I may have not been allowed to watch it!) so when I realised that Drogheda was just a train ride away, I couldn't miss this opportunity to visit!

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring this quaint, historical town which sits on the banks of the River Boyne.  After having stuffed ourselves with a delicious burger and milkshake at Eddie's Rocket city diner we had in mind to return to Dublin by bus, but missed it by a couple of minutes, so we took the train again.

Back in Dublin, we went to our guest house to freshen up and for our last night we decided to visit the most popular bar in Dublin, The Temple Bar.  We had a few glasses of Guinness and then headed back home to pack for our flight in the early morning.

Enjoy these last few visual images from our weekend break in Dublin.  It all starts from part one and continues to parts two, three and four

We had a brilliant weekend in Dublin.  This was our first visit to this country but surely not the last.  We loved the food, the people and the shopping too!  Hopefully we will return to see more of the beautiful Irish countryside, the coast and more whiskey distilleries. Yes Dublin, we will be back!

Have you ever been to Dublin? Let me know what you think..

Dublin in Photos - one
Dublin in Photos - two
Dublin in Photos - three
Dublin in Photos - four

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