Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When it's not so 'happily ever after'...

Surfing through the net I came across Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein's series Fallen Princesses. What would have happened to these imaginary princesses if their fairy tale wouldn't have ended in such a 'happily ever after' way?!

Belle would have grown older and in our day and age maybe she wouldn't have liked to age gracefully so she would have gotten herself some botox and face lifts.

Snow White becomes a trapped-at-home mum to several children, living with an out-of-job, lazy husband.

Little Red-Riding Hood is not so 'little' anymore and eats her way to her grandma's house.

Rapunzel loses her long, luscious golden locks whilst battling cancer.

Sadly these are all realities we are living through and come across nowadays. Should we alter the endings of fairy tales for our children...and show them how life sometimes can be a fairy tale... but what happens after that fairy tale period is over?

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